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Hupu News, October 7 According to "Sports Weekly" citing Israeli media reports. Recently, the Israeli striker Zahavi once again violently "fired" the former club Guangzhou R & F in an interview with the local media, pointing out that R & F did not respect him and even owed him his payment.


The contract between Zahavi and R&F expired at the end of the year, and the renewal negotiations between the two parties were stuck in terms of annual salary, and ultimately failed to negotiate. Before the end of the first stage of the Super League this year, Zahavi chose to leave China and return to the Israeli national team to play. In the end, he also stayed in Europe and signed with the Dutch giants Eindhoven.


During the super critical period in the R&F campaign, Zahavi still chose to leave the team, which made him questionable. In response, he explained: "During the game with the national team, I experienced a very tense and challenging period. From then on, things developed in the way the club wanted, and I realized that both sides wanted to end the cooperation. I will not go back to China again. R&F was taking action at the time to end the contract with me with as little economic loss as possible. Of course, I would calculate it myself and minimize the loss."


"I tried my best to negotiate with R&F in the most professional manner. Later, I saw some rhetoric about R&F on the website, but that was not true. R&F did not show a kind attitude. They created a lot of difficulties and revoked my The registration of the Chinese Super League did not give me a transfer certificate. It tried to postpone the termination of the contract with me. In the end, the judgment of FIFA allowed me to terminate the contract. They decided which of me and R&F was the right party."


"Two years ago, I said that my story with R&F will not have a beautiful ending, and we will make FIFA. But at that time, I chose to stay. I sent a farewell message to the Chinese fans. , I said what I have experienced in the past four years, but R&F did nothing. I think they should respect everything I have done for the team, because I have been trying my best to lead the team to achieve good results over the years. I also did what was almost impossible there. When I was at R&F, I went to the restaurant after the game and I would say to myself: I can’t believe how I scored two goals today. Although it sounds like It’s a bit arrogant, but that’s the truth. I deserve more respect and I regret the handling of some things. I know that football is a business."


Regarding the contract renewal negotiation process with R&F, Zahavi revealed: "Since last October, we have been negotiating a new contract renewal. I did not expect that I would leave China so soon. I am 33 years old, unless there is a family. The big clubs invited me and gave me a very tempting contract, otherwise I would stay. I did sit down and talked with R&F, but every time I didn’t negotiate it, it would be put on hold for a month. I should get A very, very large amount of money, but they did not pay in time. When I asked them for money, they ignored it. I sent two lawyer letters to the club and I even made an important decision. I didn't go to training. There is a clause in my contract. If R&F does not pay me within 30 days, then I can jump out of the contract. I wanted to leave in June and other teams made offers. At that time, I thought that the Chinese Super League had not yet started. I will be a free agent in a few months. Either I find a solution with R&F, or I will leave. I think R&F doesn’t need me anymore. I told them that I will not return until I meet with the club owner. Training ground. After they realized that I could terminate the contract, they immediately arranged an interview with the boss."




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