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Hello everyone, and welcome to the April 27th.


In the early morning, Italian Prime Minister Conte announced that the Serie A teams can resume individual training on May 4 and resume team training on the 18th. The government will decide in the next few weeks whether to rematch Serie A. Because Italy will lift the ban on a series of commercial activities on June 1, Italian media analyzed that Serie A may resume matches from May 27 to June 2.


In addition, in Spain, the Spanish Minister of Health said it is difficult to determine whether professional football will return before this summer.


In the early morning of April 27th, Beijing time, Italian Prime Minister Conte announced that the Serie A team can resume individual training on May 4th and resume team training on the 18th. The government will decide in the next few weeks whether the Serie A can be played in a rematch.


The Spanish Ministry of Health has been opposed to the rematch hoped by La Liga. Today, Minister of Health Salvador Ilia said at a press conference that it is difficult to determine whether professional football will return before this summer.


According to the "Mirror" report, Liverpool has informed Coutinho that the team does not want to sign him.


The Leipzig defender Yu Pamecano has attracted the attention of many European clubs. The latest news from the French media "SoccerLink" stated that Yu Pamecano hopes to stay in Germany and has basically reached an agreement with Bayern Munich.

莱比锡后卫Yu Pamecano吸引了许多欧洲俱乐部的注意。法国媒体“ ​​SoccerLink”的最新消息称,尤帕梅卡诺希望留在德国,并已基本与拜仁慕尼黑达成协议。

According to the Italian media Torino Sport, Juventus hopes to buy back Pogba from Manchester United this summer. They hope to add some players to the deal to reduce cash expenditure. The Bianconeri are willing to offer Douglas Costa, Alex Sandro, Ramsey, Rabio and Pjanic for Manchester United to choose from.


Bayern Munich is negotiating a contract extension with Alaba, but Alaba's future has not yet been determined. The latest news from the German media "Football Transfer Network" stated that Alaba has rejected the invitation from Manchester City and is still interested in joining Real Madrid or Barcelona.


Beijing time on April 26, according to the domestic media "Xinmin Evening News", a domestic team has contacted the 37-year-old former Chinese Super League foreign aid Kongka.


According to a report by reporter Feng Zhen, Tianjin Sports Bureau and Tianjin Football Association have now pledged to the Chinese Football Association that Vantone will definitely sponsor them, and they will go back even if Vantone's sponsorship is not enough.


In a recent warm-up match, Guangzhou Evergrande defeated Meizhou Hakka 3-1. However, in addition to the score, other details of the game are unknown. It is reported that Evergrande has always maintained a consistent mystery. Even the Meizhou Hakka team has been asked by Evergrande to sign a confidentiality agreement, and the players must not disclose the details of the game.


On April 26, Beijing time, domestic football reporter Yuan Ye reported that with Tianhai’s access already in sight, the Chinese Football Association will also announce the access list after May Day.


In an interview, Cadiz defender Farley Jimenezstein said that if he cannot be 100% healthy, even if he is given 5 billion, he will not risk playing football.


Dortmund defender Hummels said in a guest on the Gemischtes Hack podcast that more and more players are addicted to TikTok, which is sad.

多特蒙lol投注网站德后卫Hummels在Gemischtes Hack播客的嘉宾中说,越来越多的玩家沉迷于TikTok,这令人遗憾。

According to Goal reports, the 36-year-old former Bayern star Robben was once associated with Groningen and Eindhoven, but in the end he chose to retire. However, Robben also said in a recent interview that he did consider returning to the game after retiring.


In an interview with Tirando Paredes, Uruguayan referee Edgardo Codesal talked about his impression of the legendary Argentine star Maradona. Codesal enforced the 1990 World Cup finals and witnessed West Germany defeating Argentina to win the championship.

在接受Tirando Paredes的采访时,乌拉圭裁判Edgardo Codesal谈到了他对阿根廷传奇球星Maradona的印象。 Codesal强制执行1990年世界杯决赛,目睹西德击败阿根廷赢得冠军。

The striker Osvaldo, who has both Italian and Argentine nationalities, announced his comeback in January this year to join the Argentine team Banfield. Recently, in an interview with Argentina’s TNT Sports, Osvaldo talked about his experience of being nearly killed in a bar fight and attacked the former Italian national team coach Prandelli.

拥有意大利和阿根廷国籍的前锋奥斯瓦尔多(Osvaldo)今年1月宣布卷土重来,将加入阿根廷队班菲尔德(Banfield)。最近,奥斯瓦尔多(Osvaldo)在接受阿根廷TNT体育公司(TNT Sports)采访时,谈到了自己在酒吧比赛中差点丧命并袭击了前意大利国家队教练普兰德利(Prandelli)的经历。

Juventus striker Higuain recently accepted a telephone interview with Marca. The Argentine forward revealed that he had planned to retire after losing the final at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.


National footballer Wu Xi said in an interview that the current training intensity of the national football team is very strong. Has been able to be linked to the top level in Asia.


In an interview with "Onze Mondial", the Monaco forward Benjeder talked about the reasons for rejecting the Super League team and choosing Monaco last summer.

在接受《 Onze Mondial》采访时,摩纳哥前锋本杰德谈到了去年夏天拒绝超级联赛球队并选择摩纳哥的原因。

South Korean star Sun Xingmin has now started participating in a three-week military training. Some media have exposed his recent photos in the military camp. He looks refreshed and full of energy when he is straight.


Recently, Real Madrid superstar Eden Hazard participated in a live broadcast called "The King of Cooking", competing with four other families for the title of King of Cooking. As soon as Hazard finished speaking, his son took the stage next to him: "You are obviously not good at anything!"

最近,皇家马德里的超级巨星伊登·哈扎德(Eden Hazard)参加了名为“烹饪之王”的现场直播,与其他四个家庭争夺烹饪之王的头衔。哈扎德讲完话后,他的儿子登上了他旁边的舞台:“你显然什么都不擅长!”

According to the "Manchester Evening News" report, Hoyle from Rochdale, UK, recently won the first prize, winning a life-changing £58 million prize.


On April 25th, Juventus commemorated the 25th anniversary of the death of former player Andrea Fortunato on Instagram, but Quadrado made an untimely joke, saying that teammates Rabiot and Juventus looked very similar. , With the expression of'laughing and crying', he made a public apology after realizing that it was wrong.

4月25日,尤文图斯在Instagram上纪念前球员安德烈亚·福尔图纳托(Andrea Fortunato)逝世25周年,但Quadrado开玩笑地说不合时宜,他说队友拉比奥特和尤文图斯看上去很相似。在表达“大笑和哭泣”后,他意识到这是错误的,并公开道歉。

Recently, Manchester United assistant Mike Phelan and the Manchester Football Association have cooperated to answer fans’ questions online. Among them, the answer to the "balloon incident" that year attracted everyone's attention.

最近,曼联助理教练迈克·费兰(Mike Phelan)和曼彻斯特足球协会(Manchester Football Association)合作,在线回答了球迷的问题。其中,当年“气球事件”的答案引起了所有人的关注。

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